Milagro packaging, llc, mbe

focused on promoting diversity in the packaging industry since 2001

Customer Service

We have built a reputation of  providing award-winning customer service. We pride ourselves on being the best in class, without compromise.

Joint venture

Milagro Packaging began business in 2001 as a joint-venture between Concept Packaging Group and Ms. Dolores M. Rodriguez.

stacking up supplier excellence awards 22+ years as MBE

NMSDC - corporate plus® Member

Milagro Packaging is a 21 year member of the National Minority Supplier Diversity Council and is a certified Corporate Plus® Member.

Corporate Plus®

(743) 777-1744

Our Mission

To promote diversity and create strong business partnerships by providing world-class packaging solutions.

We can help you make your home more beautiful, comfortable, and enjoyable to live in.


Milagro Packaging BEGINS

2001 enters into a Joint-Venture with Concept Packaging Group and begins developing long-term customer relationships.

Milagro Packaging GROWS

Our company has experienced tremendous growth since 2001, being named the 3rd fastest growing Hispanic Business by Hispanic Business Magazine in 2006.

Milagro Packaging EXCELS

Our numerous awards and accolades are a testament of our commitment to our customers. We don't want to meet our customers' expectations, but surpass them.

We are a family-owned and operated business that understands the importance of quality craft and exceptional customer service.


Milagro Packaging awards (2001 - 2022)


-Outstanding Business Partner Award (Toyota)
-Outstanding Cost Performance Award
-Kentuckiana Minority Council Achievement Award
-TMMK Outstanding Delivery Performance Award (2 Times)
-TMMK Outstanding Business Partner Award
-5 year Value Improvement Award


-Named 3rd Fastest Growing Hispanic Business
-TMMK Excellent Supplier Award
-TMMK Excellent Cost Performance Award (2 Times)
-TMMI Excellence for Kaizen Activity Award


-TMMK Excellent Performance - Minority Development Award
-TMMK Excellent Delivery Performance Award
-Outstanding Business Partner Award  (Toyota)
-Eaton Corporation Premier Supplier Award


-TEMA Superior Performance Award (2 times)
-Excellence for Kaizen Activity Award
-TEMA Excellent Cost Performance Award
-TEMA Management and Customer Service Award  (2 times)
-HBE Elite Award by US Hispanic Chamber of Commerce
-Toyota Motor Engineering and Manufacturing NA Excellent Performance Award, Outstanding Management Performance Award and Outstanding Kaizen Performance Award

2017 - 2022

-Cost Management Award
-Excellence Performance Award
-Outstanding Management Performance (Nominated by Trane)
-Accepted into NMSDC CORPORATE + Program
-TMNA Outstanding Diversity Improvement Performance

(743) 777-1744


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