Corrugated Packaging

Our two large converting plants are equipped with a wide variety of state-of-the-art equipment providing a full range of corrugated products and styles (including most flutes, grades and coating options) to customers in the Midwest and Southeastern U.S.

Corrugated Packaging


Corrugated Manufacturing

Our two main manufacturing plants in Spartanburg, SC and Georgetown, KY can handle all of your corrugated container needs from Short-Run, Quick Turnaround Items to Very Large Stitched Boxes.

The video below showcases our Spartanburg, SC Manufacturing Facility:

Our Machine Rosters include:

  • Large Flexo-Folder Gluers, including two of the largest Flex-Folder Gluers in the country (ideal for Furniture, Appliance, Bulk Boxes and Large Produce Boxes)
  • Multi-color Flexo-Folder Gluers ranging from 26" to 92"
  • Multi-color, high-speed rotary die-cutters
  • High Speed, Self-Stripping, Flat bed die-cutters (ideal for small and intricate parts)
  • Quick Set Up, Short-run CUSTOM BOX MAKERS (ideal for small runs, short turnaround items and JIT shipments)
  • Specialty Folder-Gluers for Auto-Lock Bottom cartons, Joined Die-Cuts and Pre-Glued Trays.
  • High Speed duplex stitchers for joining large, double and triple-wall boxes.
  • Automatan Label Laminators for direct application of high-graphic labels

Highlight On Our Self-Stripping Die-Cutters:


Our solution works look like this

Other products

Interested in something you don't see here? Contact Us to see if we can help you find what you're looking for!

Plastic Packaging

We offer Custom Designed Solutions featuring Plastic Corrugated, Thermoformed Plastic and Injection Molded Plastic. Foams, Coatings and Films can be incorporated to provide protection to parts - especially Class A surfaces.


Plastic Packaging

Metal Packaging

From small run / one-use racks to large, complex racking systems we offer turnkey solutions for any Industrial Rack Project including Design, Testing, Project Management, Purchasing and Transportation.


Metal Packaging

Protective Packaging

The best solution for protecting parts from damage often involve more than one material. Custom Printed, re-closable protective bags, Foam, Honeycomb, and Plastic Packaging combinations can help save you money and protect your parts.


Protective Packaging
Construction and renovation webflow template sample image
Construction and renovation webflow template sample image

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