Dedicated JIT Operation

Dedicated JIT Operation

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We operate a stand-alone, dedicated facility 5 miles from our customer (Automotive Tier 1 supplier) and make hourly deliveries all day (24 hours) every day (365 days / year). All Returnable Containers are cycled through our facility for Tote Washing and light repair.

  • Industrial Tote-Washing Machine runs 3 shifts / day
  • Corrugated Assemblies made ON DEMAND (Full Assemblies Not Warehoused) and shipped within hours of being made to arrive JIT at customer site.
  • Connected to Customer's MRP system - receive order trigger electronically when containers are pulled from their internal supermarket.
  • All outbound shipments are tracked via RFID tags & updated in real-time in customer's MRP system.
  • Receive Forecasts directly from Customer's MRP system and formally review three times weekly to insure customer's uptime.


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Our service works look like this

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