cost reduction through design

Our Design Team is the heart of our Cost Reduction Efforts. Our Engineers focus on reducing ALL of our customers' costs, from Material Costs to Process and Labor Costs (Time and Material) .

  • No Material Bias - Our Design Engineers are constantly discovering new materials and methods to work with those materials, providing our customers with a wide selection of materials to fit their needs.
  • Redesign - Often the best way to reduce material and packing labor costs is by redesigning an existing pack. Our Engineers will listen to your requirements, review the end-use of the carton and provide a solution that helps improve your packing efficiency and reduce your total costs.
  • Process Mapping / Improvements - Material and packaging costs are not the only costs that we target. We want to reduce your TOTAL costs, including PACK LINE and THROUGHPUT costs. Our Engineers walk our customers' production floors on a regular basis and work closely with production line associates to continually improve efficiency and reduce packaging associated costs.
3 Full Service Labs
  • 3 High Volume ZUND® Sample tables for quick PROTOTYPING and small production runs.
  • ISTA Testing Capabilities with 4 CPLP Level 1 Technicians
  • (Contact Us for a full list of Testing Capabilities)
  • Large Team of Packaging Engineers Experienced in ALL Packaging Materials

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